Beat the Creative Block


My Creative Block Challenge 101

There are so many times (more than I want to remember) when I am at void of any and every creative thought. You know I sit there and it’s just not coming to me. Now I could take a walk, take a trip, or go to a movie. You need a CHANGE! Doing the same repetitive things each and every day sometimes get us in a non-creative flow that us artists think we are resistant to.

If you check out my movies and music pages those are some of favs that I watch and listen to just to free up my mind of the days and weeks stresses. But remember to not freak out. You have not lost your talent, you are still an amazing designer with many amazing designs to create.

To get my mind back in gear if you will, I tie up all of the loose ends that are pulling my thoughts from my design work. Once you can get your mind free of the housework, the kids, the weather, whatever it might be then you can get to work.

The following are things that I tend to do when I am just not in that creative mood.

  1. Tie up all those loose end “things” distracting your creative flow.
  2. Turn up the Music! Music will lighten your mood and it allows you to think of some different ideas pretty quickly.
  3. Peruse through some magazines. Sometimes the colors and photos will get your mind in gear.
  4. Go to a couple of websites that have examples of what ever design you are attempting. I like and
  5. Start with a blank sheet of paper. Having a drawing or pre-design will just block your ideas.
  6. Stay positive. It WILL come to you just walk away for awhile and bam it will surprise you!

These are just a few things that I like to do. Below are a few links that I found of some other ideas that might get your creative block out of the way and fast! (this one is cool; the splash page gives you an idea right off the bat.)

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